Artist Statement:

My current body of work consists of many large-scale oil paintings that reflect my peers and their environment. I create truthful portraits as a way to share my perspective as a spectator of contemporary life. As a starting point, I take snapshots of people within their own domestic space. Photography is a crucial process for documentation of the human condition. Photographs slice the world so thinly that they allow for an unintentional narrative, and for insignificant moments to be seen. The subject retains a degree of agency because they allow the artist into their private candid moments. In these images the audience is an intruder staring at the intimate setting that only the artist has access to. The result is a documentation of a generation living through the banal routine of day-to-day life.

By transforming these images into monumental paintings, the mundane becomes liberated. How this person wants to be seen, their visual identity, tropes of contemporary society, and material consumption: These elements present a narrative through environment.  The translation of information into paint deconstructs the image further into my subjective interpretation of the moment. Gestural brushstroke and intuitive colour distort the perspective and proportional framework of the photograph. The result is an intimate, expressive and meditative painting that further personalizes my subjective view of the particular person. 

Curriculum Vitae:  

Maggee Irene Day, Born 1993, London, Ontario


2011 Beal Art Program, London ON

2014 Florence Off-Campus Program (O.C.A.D. Satellite Program), Florence Italy

2016 Bachel of Fine Arts- OCAD University,  Toronto ON

2020 Master of Fine Arts - Emily Carr University, Vancouver BC


Group Exhibitions

2012 Emerging Artists, Western University King’s College, London ON

2012 100th Anniversary Year End Show, H.B. Beal Art, London ON

2013 Emerging Artists, Imminent Art, Burroughes Building, Toronto ON

2014 Emerging Canadian Artist, Imminent Art, Berenson Fine Art Gallery, Toronto ON

2014 Contrapuntal, Mayday Club, Florence Italy

2014 Open-Studio, OCAD University, Florence Italy

2015 Prospettiva, OCAD University, Florence Italy

2015 Forties are the New Twenties, OCAD University, Toronto ON

2016 Festival of the Body, OCAD University, Toronto ON

2016 Grad X, OCAD University, Toronto ON

2016 Experiencing Perspectives Art Exhibition, Mercedes Benz, Mississauga ON

2016  Yorkville Village Art Festival, Toronto ON

2017 In Full Bloom, Westland Gallery, London ON

2017 VUCO Art Launch, VUCO Gallery, Toronto ON

2017 Where Home Is, Gallery 1313, Toronto ON

2017 Why the &%#! Do You Paint?, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto ON

2017 Art Toronto, Toronto Convention Center, Toronto ON

2018 The Big Draw, OCAD University, Toronto ON

2018 Yonge and Dundas Square Digital Signage Project, Toronto ON

2018 VUCO Art Launch, VUCO Gallery, Toronto ON

2018 Fresh Meat, 1 Delisle Ave, Toronto ON

Solo Exhibitions 

2017 Rooms of the House, Westland Gallery, London ON


2018 Fresh meat, 1 Delisle Ave, Toronto ON


2018 Elizabeth Greenshield Grant


2016 Children of Fallen Patriots Charity show, Paddle8,Toronto ON


2016 Work in Process, Northern Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto ON


2013 The Continuest Zine 2013, Toronto ON

2015  Prospecttiva OCAD University, Toronto ON

2016 GradEx DRPT Zine, OCAD University Toronto ON

2017 London Free Press, London ON

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